The VASIMIMILE safety vest

A clothing and accessory range built for visibility and protection against the rain for urban cyclists, from young to old, created entirely in the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region !

A chic and functional line of clothes and accessories to roll in town, safely.

Our flagship product: the Vasi’Izocel !

A stylish and practical vest for daily bike use.

Une étiquette, bleu, blanc et rouge Made in France
Une femme porte un écharpe jaune et rouge


The fluorescent pop to complement your outfit

Deux petit garçons jouent en portant des gilet jaunes


A funky range for children 2 — 12 years old

Deux femmes portent des gilets rouge et jaune, elles marchent avec des vélos


A functional and fashionable range for men and women

Vasimimile in images

A variety o