Be safe, be seen!

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Vasimimile was born out of a desire to help more people feel comfortable on the roads.

Un garcon porte un gilet jaune, croisé devant

Although many people acknowledge safety vests increase visibility, not everyone understands how or why.

Many studies have shown that visibility accessories increase the likelihood of a cyclist being seen.

Fluorescent colours, like in Vasimimile’s flagship product, the « Vasi’Izocel », helps with visibility in the daytime by converting the wavelength of light in the ultra-violet range (which is in high saturation in sunlight) to longer, visible wavelengths. In other words, this increases the amount of reflected visible light

un gilet fluo orange vélo

However, there is not a lot of ultra-violet light in street lights which means fluorescent material is much less useful at night.

This is why Vasimimile’s products have retroreflective designs.

Biomotion markers also help keep you seen. Vasimimile arm band (which can easily be wrapped around a leg too) is one such option.

Un brassard orange avec des motifs décoratifs.

Stay seen and stay safe with Vasimimile!

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