Be safe, be seen!

Vasimimile was born out of a desire to help more people feel comfortable on the roads. Although many people acknowledge safety vests increase visibility, not everyone understands how or why. Many studies have shown that visibility accessories increase the likelihood of a cyclist being seen. Fluorescent colours, like in Vasimimile’s flagship product, the “Vasi’Izocel”, helps with visibility in the daytime by converting the wavelength of light in the ultra-violet range (which is in high saturation in sunlight) to longer, visible wavelengths. In other words, this increases the amount of reflected visible light However, there is not a lot of ultra-violet light in street lights which means fluorescent material is much less useful at night. This is why Vasimimile’s products have retroreflective designs. Biomotion markers also help keep you seen. Vasimimile arm band (which can easily be wrapped around a leg too) is one such option. Stay seen and stay safe with Vasimimile!

Ethical consumption

In 2019, we are flooded with choices: in one click we can read the news in Japan or buy a new bike tire from Amazon. The world is our oyster and yet more and more people are looking to consume differently. Rather than seeking instant gratification from buying cheap products from an ocean away, people are beginning to realize that their individual consumer choices are adding up and that our collective consumption choices have a immediate impact on the environment, on the humans that produce them and on our products. community. In 2019, responsible consumerism means recognizing that the cost of the product you order in China is born by the underpaid and undervalued people who produce it. In 2019, responsible consumerism means that we recognize that shipping products across an ocean poisons our oceans and our ecosystem. That’s why Vasimimile exists: we aim to do things differently. We offer visibility products for all your outdoor activities: biking, running or even rollerblading! But what differentiates us is that we manufacture things locally. Our products are all made by people involved in workplace training programs. Not only does this create jobs for people with disabilities or who have faced difficulties, but it also means that our business is rooted in the community. When you buy a Vasimimile vest or safety armband, you can wear it with confidence, knowing that it comes from close by and that it gives back to your community. In 2019, Vasimimile will continue to design creative and unique products, 100% made in …

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Gilet jaune avec slogan Essence trop chère? Change de pompe!

The Green Shift

What does it mean in 2019 to produce and consume in the age of climate change, with future generations in mind? For us at Vasimimile, we put ethics above everything. That’s why it’s in our DNA to be promoting safe green transportation. When you bike (with one of our snazzy fluorescent accessories), you are sending a message to the world. You are choosing to travel without emitting carbon. Not only does Vasimimile encourage green forms of transportation, our products themselves are sustainable. That’s because we produce locally, in our region. Instead of shipping from across an ocean, your high visibility safety vest is made by local workers nearby. If you live in Grenoble you can pick up your order at our boutique or once in a while, vests have been delivered by bike! Vasimimile, available in yellow, orange, pink, black and red (all green!)!

Where can you find a unique bike vest?

Vasimimile is innovating in the world of cyclists’ visibility. An adjustable bike vest that is both aesthetic and practical isn’t so easy to find. Vasimimile is reinventing the famous yellow safety vest by proposing unique variations that are Made in France and stylish! We have recently opened our offices to the public at 24 Rue Saint Laurent, Grenoble, at the base of the Bastille, along the Isère river. You can purchase our products either online or at many bike stores in France.

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