Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we make safety vests specifically for cycling?

The high visibility accessories we produce were developed with biking in mind, but are increasingly used by runners, hikers, and on scooters. The Vasi izocel, for example, were designed with physical actvitiy in mind (non-constraining and with room for your body to breathe), but also with the flexibility to work with whatever you wish to wear underneath. On top of a puffy jacket, underneath a backpack or on top of a simple tshirt, the Vaasi Izocel adapts to your look. .

Why are Vasimimile products made in France?

Because it seemed logical to us to try to look for competent producers close by who can cater to our unique needs. And we found them! Producing locally isn’t necessarily easier than looking further away, for example, on the other side of the planet. And it is clear that producing here costs more. But for us it’s worth it and it’s what brings meaning to our work and our products. Why look far away when we can find what we need close by? So yes, our products cost more and we sometimes aim for simplicity. But we compensate for that with many strengths, a unique style and strong values are embedded in everything we make.

Why is Vasimimile called Vasimimile?

Firstly because it’s a name you’ll remember. Vasimimile comes from an old sketch by Pierre Desproges who was making light of the Tour de France and its extreme fans: « Vasi, Vasi Donc , Vasimimile…. ». It’s a throwback to retro cycling culture but with a twist to remind us to push boundaries. Biking has a huge potential as a means of transportation in cities and at Vasimimile, we are passionate about spreading the joy of everyday cycling. Vasimimile builds on the past, to launch into the future.

Why does Vasimimile work with people with physical disabilities and in reinsertion programs?

These workers are present, qualified, and nearby, so why not? For the 4 years we’ve been working together they are increasingly qualified and producing more and more complex models. The prices are affordable for a business like Vasimimile and there’s a mutual pride in working together that motivates us all.

What should I do if I find a mistake in my Vasimimile product?

Firstly you should contact us at: vasicontact@vasimimile.com

There a few mistakes that we are aware of in past products and that we have since fixed but it may be possible if you made your purchase a long time ago that you have a product with a production error. In most cases, you can return your product and we will repair it or replace it. . We do our best but sometimes make mistakes.

I've broken a buckle on my Vasimimile product, what can I do?

You can contact us at: vasicontact@vasimimile.com

We will send you a replacement piece for your specific model. We need a picture and of course, your address!

Do you have fluorescent colours other than yellow or orange?

Le Vasi Snoodou is available in green and fluorescent pink. This product is multipurpose and works not only around the neck, but also the shoulders. It is difficult to find colours other than yellow and orange, the only two colours that are certified high visibility in France.

Does Vasimimile have a certification?

We work with certified materials and the Vasi izocel is in the process of obtaining « marquage CE ». But it’s a long and demanding process. It’s important to note that Vasimimile produces accessories for cities, where current laws do not require high visibility clothing.

Is there a Vasimimile store?

We have our office in Grenoble but with no dedicated storefront. From time to time people stop by our offices. It’s best to call first and then to stop by to pick up your Vasimimile product, with 0 shipping fees! There are also stores that sell our products, you can find them listed in Boutique/Nos revendeurs.

We also have our online boutique. Most of our products are one-sized fits all, so all you need to do is pick your colour and design and we will package your order to send to you directly. Don’t hesitate to order online!

Can I have a Vasimimile product customized just for me?

We customize our Vasimimile products but we need a minimum order of 20 products to offer a customized design. The personalization is geared to businesses, clubs, groups or collectives!