Our values


Our values

Vasimimile is a story of ethics, values and relationships.

Our production of bike wear is exclusively in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region of France. It’s a mark that means something Made In France.

Why Made In France ?

The Made in France and local production is how we communicate our values and vision for the world. It’s putting flexibility before profit, relationships instead of rushing and partners instead of stakeholders.

One pedal stroke after another, Vasimimile strives to contribute to a more meaningful production chain, through our production and decisions.

Making clothes locally, is more than an ideal, it’s our daily reality!

Why work with people with disabilities and in professional reinsertion?

The production of our products by people with disabilities and inworkplace reinsertion programmes gives Vasimimile an ultra local and community-based based dimenion.

Producing locally in France gives us a reactivity and flexibility that our the strengths of our business but are also the source of daily challenges: anticipating, bouncing back and innovating are key to keep ahead of the bell curve!

A bike vest made in France by people who are often excluded from the workforce, this is the strength of Vasimimile!

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