The story


The story

Vasimimile grew and its story developed one pedal stroke at a time. The road has been defined by inspiring encounters, little victories and new ideas that have fueled the ride and given us a successful and highly visible journey!

At the beginning

There was once a bicycle (of course). And on this bicycle, Delphine. Delphine wanted to be visible on this bicycle, that accompanied her everywhere. But she felt like she was wearing a disguise every time she mounted on her bicycle and put on her yellow vest. Something new was needed…

She thought, surely it’s possible to have safety clothing that is fun, funny and funky!

It was the year 2014 and funky patterns, designs and shapes started to be seen in and around Grenoble.

Vasimimile was born!

Une femme roule avec un vélo pliable an portant un gilet jaune

A business recognized in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes...and beyond

Vasimimile innove et est reconnu pour ses efforts !

Many prizes have been bestowed on Vasimimile which continues to motivate us and give us energy to achieve our mission of making high visibility clothing for sustainable transportation made in an ethical and local context.

Winner of the prize “Coup de cœur innovation et sécurité” of the Département of l’Isère in 2014, and one year later, of the prize “coup de pouce innovation” at the Parc Naturel Régional de Chartreuse.

Vasimimile is very proud of having been a finalist of the Rhône-Alpes competition, Initiative O féminin 2016andwinner of the Oscar of entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce of Grenoble in May of 2017.

In 2018, Vasimimile won theprze “Cour de Coeur RSE” of the Bank Populaire AURA.

This lovely story and our firm values form the base of a business recognized and appreciated in our region and beyond.

A business that has grown

Since 2014, numerous products have been added to our range of offerings of high visibility accessories.

Crowd sourcing, conference and events across France (and Europe!)… Vasimimile’s story has been written by meaningful encounters and a community of users who believe in the brand and have been with us as we’ve evolved.

More and more, Vasimimile has geared our activities towards businesses with increasingly creative personalization of our products.
Thanks to a community of individuals who have sought to purchase our products and support their local economy, we’re also found in bike stores across France.

Voilà presque toute la gamme Vasimimile !
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