The Team

A local team of creators, designers and producers make up the Vasimimile team, constantly innovating to find new ideas and anticipate your needs, to keep you surprised and delighted.

Vasimimile, a team effort

“Alone we go faster, but together we go further”. Vasimimile runs on the energy and power of the collective. Vasimimile’s stakeholders contribute to our growth through contributing technical skills, networks and new ideas!

Supplying primary materials, creating new products and strategizing—Vasimimile is a real team effort, beyond the usual faces you see at events.


Vasimimile, is first of all....Delphine !

Mother, entrepreneur, cyclist, she wears numerous hats, or more accurately, helmets! Vasimimile is her idea, her inspiration, her desire to dust off the infamous yellow safety vest.

Delphine loves cycling (and especially through puddles) ! but she also loves pretty things and creativity. At Vasimimile, Delphine brings a breath of fresh air, a dash of impertinence, and the innovative originality of our products, all rooted in strong values.

“The love of the bike, the passion of challenges, the desire to give meaning and the belief in social solidarity …. all garnished with a healthy dose of laughter”

Founder of Vasimimile

And then there's...Bertile

Mother, business woman…And keen cyclist, of course !

Vasimimile, has brought meaning to her career! Promoting biking with class, through local, ethical production is her jam. She believes in supporting local and ethical producers.

Bertile loves cycling too, of course. She enjoys talking (a lot) and exploring (even more) to build projects in the community. At Vasimimile she is the busy hands, the spokeswoman and the reservoir of new ideas.

“Bikes have a magical side to them... you can move silently in the streets, take your time.. and all of this with 0 carbon emissions!”

Development Officer
Une photo d'une femme souriante qui porte un poncho orange
Christine, chargée de mission administratif et financier

And then there's Christine!

Our worker bee! Christine loves the mountains (a bit), biking ( a lot), and bills paid on time (passionately). A business partner who has been part of the adventure since almost the very beginning—Vasimimile would not be there without her!

“One of the best parts of the bicycle is that it allows you to get to to your objective at your own rhythm, a bit like Vasimimile!”

Christine Feret
Administration and Accounts Officer
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