Vasimimile : running accessories

Vasimimile has started to run!

Since 2015 Vasimimile has dedicated our energy and creativity to visibility outdoors. Originally geared to cyclists, we’re working more and more to keep you safe running or whatever you want to do in the great outdoors.

A range of accessories for visibility adapted to running outside, safely and securely.

Running accessories for men and women.


Very breathable and adapted perfectly to running outdoors


Both fluorescent and reflective, to maximize your chances of being seen


Made in France (38) by people with disabilities

Our running accessories

Running safety vest

Thanks to angled straps , our safety vest for running can be adjusted to your body.

A lateral pockelets you keep your house keys and cell phone safe while you run.

A highly breathable running vest That won’t cut off your circulation and will let you breathe while you run. There is no friction which ensures you can run in total comfort without restriction.

A running vest without sleeves, vital.

Running armband

A light and visible accessory to run without coming into conflict with those with whom you share the road.

Running neck scarf

An accessory that keeps you visible and keeps you warm.

What they think

I was desperately looking for a high visibility running vest that wouldn't rub under my arms, the Vasimimile vest is perfect for that !


The Vasimimile running products work perfectly for outdoor running and bring a funky edge to safety gear, I love it!

Marc Durand of Marcoaching